Randy and Vicki Foederer, “Putting the Adapted Back in PE”

Image of the FoederersAssistive Technology doesn’t have to be high-tech, and many of the strategies and ideas shared in this presentation can be made simply and inexpensively.

Click the following link to listen to the interview in your web browser, or subscribe through your favorite MP3 aggregator.

Randy and Vicki’s Interview

7:04 Minutes, 6.47 MB


2 Responses to “Randy and Vicki Foederer, “Putting the Adapted Back in PE””

  1. Sherryl. Clarkson Says:

    I went to you work shop at Region 4 and use you CDs almost every day it started to skip and I would like to know if you sell them.


  2. yolanda de leon Says:

    high vicki and randy its yolanda de deleon from mcallen i am cody colchadado friend, i was a counselor at camp life a couple times. i was wondering if you guys were still doing camp still and if you ever take the show on the road. the reason is i moved after the dolly huricaine to Lincoln Nebraska and they have a very large extremely large poulation here of blind and visually impaired here and thougt they would benifit from your program here.

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